Mommy's Soap Set with Pineapple Aroma and Shea Oil - All Natural Soap - Basal Beauty

Mommy's Soap Set with Pineapple Aroma and Shea Oil - All Natural Soap

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Give your mom this wonderful set of love. This beautiful touch of attention and care induced with lovely Tropical scent and Essential Oil for skin relaxation. All-Natural handmade soap with Shea SLS Free oil to elevate the comfort sensation of your body and soul. It contains 13 pieces of beautifully crafted bar soaps for your mom.

“Mommy's Soap Set” contains shape of:
- 10 letters (soap)
- a heart of roses (soap)
- lips (soap)
- a flower (soap)

Aroma, Additives & Essential oils:
- all pieces come with Pineapple aroma
- a flower is induced with lavender essential oil

Total set weight: 4.7 oz (133g)
NOTE: Products weight, packaging and colors may slightly vary. We use only quality selective ingredients in our products. You can request any creative design ideas you like (crafting tools, vegetables, fruits and etc.) or we can help you choose from our most popular items - see other selections. For custom made orders please select "Organic essential soap" item. To uplift your elegance and experience these can be added within the product: Essential Oils, Aroma, Oatmeal, Honey, Coffee Scrub and Luffa for relaxing massaging. We do our best to use natural, high quality ingredients. However, Basal Beauty is not responsible for any reactions or adverse effects due to our products. Neither do we make any claims.

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